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Emmanuel Cross


The story begins with Arden Brewer's annual Christmas ornament creations. Typically, she found herself making angels and crosses for the tree but this particular day as she continued to work with the clay, she found herself molding a comfortable cross that fit between her first two fingers and her thumb. Friends, family and others shared stories of what the crosses meant to them but she believed she truly realized the importance of the cross while visiting her parents. She watched as they presented one of her “palm” Emmanuel Crosses to a young boy joining the church. His mother, reunited with her son for the first time after a prison sentence, beamed with pride and gratitude to witness this special moment. Their ministers, also clearly touched, gasped when she saw the cross. She knelt in front of the youngster placing the cross on her chest and explained to him, “this cross, when you hold it, will remind you that God never leaves us. This is God with us.” We were all moved by her words. Emmanuel which means, “God with Us” became the name. Years later, it continues to be her prayer that these crosses get into the hands of people who need them as signs of hope, love and encouragement. It is her honor to create and share them.